The Division 2 – Title Update 3 and Raid date Announced

Here late last night Ubisoft released Title update 3 for The Division 2. With it’s release we got a new slew of changes to the game and new information on the raid. You can read up on the patch notes if your interested in the changes to the game. I jumped on last night and today to give it a try and the weapons I played with felt good. Overall my current build wasn’t affected but there were some changes to weapon and armour skills. So I would suggest hopping back on to give you enough time to make changes before the raid drops.

Division 2’s raid is by far the most anticipated piece of content to be added to the game. When promised last year at E3 2018, the excitement of what a eight player raid would be like in the Division’s world. Left an impression on everyone that was excited for what looked to be a true squeal that improved upon the original. The Division 2’s release would have no doubt increased the anticipation as Ubisoft nailed the release and everyone was happily busy with the grind. Since then the team behind Division 2 has kept the game steadily updated and has been paying attention to it’s audience to see what changes they want to see for the game.

We’ve also gotten new content in the form of the weekly invasions, a event that sees missions taken over by the Blacktusk faction and offering increased rewards and difficulty. The biggest part of this added content was the Tidal Basin Stronghold, which added some fun new mechanics and encounters along with a quest to hunt down an exotic sniper (That is most definitely worth the grind).

Nemesis Exotic Sniper (Screenshot)

Not long after the release of Tidal Basin in April, did we get the disappointing news that the Raid named “Operation Dark Hours” would be pushed back till May along with Title update 3. This left many, myself included sad, but Luckily the wait is finally over and we can jump into the raid this week.

Raid Details

The raid is dropping on the 16th and using the in game countdown timer, the rough estimate is it will open around 8:00 am PT or 1:00 am AEST the 17th. Take this with a grain of salt though since at this time Ubisoft hasn’t posted exact times. If you want to stay ahead of the game I suggest following them on Twitter. Ubisoft is also having a special stream on the 16th about the raid, so keep an eye out for that as it will most likely be your best chance to get info before the raid releases.

The Helicopter, how you will get into the raid. [The countdown time is old] (Screenshot)

If you want to get your squad hyped for the raid or just want to see what your up against, don’t worry Ubisoft has your back with a new trailer.

It all looks like one hell of a challenge to take on, but with the right team anything is possible. The setting of The Washington Airport is something I look forward too, since one of the more interesting gadgets at Blacktusk’s disposal is a massive aerial drone. It feels under utilised in the main game as just a world event miniboss, but hopefully with the wide open space of a airport tarmac Massive looks to do some interesting encounters.

Though some people’s eyes are instead locked onto the raids rewards. With exclusive gear on the line, I suspect quite a lot of bargaining will be on the line between raiders for that weapon or piece of gear they want. The reward that many will be chasing after is the immortalising of their raid group/clan in the white house. With a photo of the group forever hung in a place of honour for all to see, you’ll need to be the first to cross the finish line at the end of the raid. This is an exciting week for Division 2 and with the new update I’ve jump back into the game after a short hiatus. Which has been good since I’ll need to be at my best for the raid.

How are you faring in the Division 2 grind, are you ready for the raid day one? Let me know in the comments below and keep an eye out for a review for the Operation Dark Hours raid.

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