Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Rise of a New Jedi story

EA has started off its E3 conference off strong with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. EA made the choice to change up how they are doing their E3 conference this year. With the conference focusing on deep dives into their big games instead of a longer conference covering a range of games. To say that Fallen Order is one of their most anticipated games would be a understatement. Adding to the hype is Titanfall 2/Apex legends developer Respawn handling development of this important Star Wars title.

Respawn didn’t disappoint their big gameplay reveal with around fifth-teen minuets of pure gameplay (Which you can catch-up on below). If you haven’t been keeping up with the game, I’ve helpfully broken down some information and the gameplay reveal for all your reading needs.

EA Play 2019 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay Reveal

The game is a third person single player action-adventure game. This means no multiplayer what so ever, just an epic story for you to undertake. The story itself is set after the events of Order 66 and follows Cal Kestis a Jedi Padawan. As he tries to survive the Empires hunt for what remains of the Jedi Order. After being found out, he must undertake a journey to explore long forgotten secrets to discover a way to rebuild the Jedi Order. You’ll be helping him do just that while aiding him in finishing his Jedi training. As it might be his only hope to survive the Empires Inquisitors. This story set up leaves Respawn with a lot to explore with the games settings and narrative. We see this in their use of one of the more underutilised planets and home to the Wookies, Kashyyyk.

As we get into the gameplay, we meet Cal and his droid companion BD-1. The game then showcases it’s use of environmental traversal as Cal uses the force to pull a vine to himself. We also get to see Cal using wall running to traverse another section. You can see Titanfall’s DNA in the games use of obstacles to make moving through the environment more fun. As Cal reaches the top of the cliff we see an old face. Saw Gerrera is back and Cal seems to be working with him and his rebels. We can only hope this is a hint some other old faces from the Star Wars will be showing up. Their objective is to take down a Empire processing facility and free some of the Wookies imprisoned by the Empire.

With Cal’s objective set, we see more of his force powers used to make his way through the environment. With one final vine swing, we get straight into combat as Cal ignites his Lightsaber and takes out a Stormtrooper from above. Instantly we get to see the use of the Lightsabers ability to deflect blaster shots right back at the shooter. Cal then moves to pull a Stormtrooper to him and plungers his saber through his chest. The final Stormtrooper is soon frozen in place with his blaster shot still moving but now at a snails pace. This enacts one of the coolest scenes from The Force Awakens. With a simple throw of his Lightsaber, Cal disposes of his last Stormtrooper.

The gameplay moves inside the complex and we’re introduced to a couple more Stormtrooper variants. The most menacing seen is the black armoured Purgetroopers. These enemies are a little different to normal troopers, as they are trained to take on Jedi. The Purgetrooper is easily able to block attacks from Cal’s Lightsaber. Even Cal’s use of the force is ineffective as the trooper uses it against him to get a hit in. We’re told the enemies in the gameplay reveal are only a small selection of what you will face on your journey. Already though you can see how these enemy types will change up combat. With added emphasis on how you approach encounters. Giving the game a nice level of problem solving, as you figure out how you will use Cal’s abilities to take on some of the tougher opponents.

If you do have trouble taking on those tougher opponents BD has you covered. The droid comes with a limited number of stim packs (health packs) to heal yourself. Pick your moment wisely though as this does leave you vulnerable to attack. BD can even scan enemy corpses to give you a analysis on the enemy and some of their history. Though we still don’t know how in depth this analysis is. Along with how skill points will be used in upgrading Cal.

The rest of the gameplay I feel should be watched as it has some cool moments I think you should just experience. Overall I’m feeling good about Fallen Order, the story is interesting as it is following a true Jedi story, there will be no choices on following a light or darkside path. While gameplay already looks solid in its Alpha state. It will really come down to how combat feels in your hands, but I have faith in Respawn. Fallen Order is slated to come out on November 15th this year on PS4, XBox One and PC through the origin store.

If your interested in anymore gameplay reveals then catch up on the Borderlands 3 breakdown I did. Otherwise for all the E3 info or stories your already in the right place. I’ll be covering as much of E3 as I can as it comes out (but I’m only one man). I will also be tweeting live @TheLankiller if you’d like to follow me and keep up with all the info coming out of E3 live.

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