XBOX E3 Conference Brings the Boom

Xbox has officially started off E3. Even if EA had their conference yesterday which you can read about the Fallen Order gameplay I did here. There was a lot showed off and it was a crazy conference, but I’ve got you covered. You can watch the full conference on YouTube. While I have helpfully got all the news and trailers revealed below for all your hype needs.

The Outer Worlds

We started off with Obsidian Entertainment and their new game The Outer Worlds. It is a player driven story game with a focus on the choices you make. We get a good set up with the trailer and and idea of some of the choices we can make. I most certainly didn’t hope he would shoot that guy.

Bleeding Edge

We got to see what Ninja Theory has been doing since Hellblade. It is one massive change up with a 4v4 fighting game. You wouldn’t be surprising if you made the Overwatch compassion. Saying that Ninja Theory has Fighting game DNA in their blood so while not at the top of my list I wouldn’t dismiss it.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

We didn’t see a lot of Ori but what we did see was exciting. The game looks fantastic with it’s art style and the focus on bosses is interesting. They seem to be holding their cards close to their chest, which makes sense with how exploring and navigating the environments is a big part of the game.

Minecraft Dungeons

I had no clue this was being made but we are getting a Minecraft dungeon crawler. I am surprisingly on board for this, mainly just as an entry point for kids to get the genre. Saying that the game seems to have some depth so it might be worth the pick up if just so I can say I’ve played Minecraft.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

As was promised yesterday, we got some more footage of Fallen Order. It uses some of the areas and scenes we saw yesterday but who cares, it’s more Star Wars!

Blair Witch

OK this came out of nowhere, at first I thought it might have been another Outlast sequel. Instead we are getting a full on Blair Witch video game, what strange times we live in. As for the game it seems like we take on the role of an investigator looking for a missing child out in the witches woods. I’m sure it will be horrifying and NO! I’m not covering my eyes to avoid watching it.

Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt came out strong with another epic trailer. They then took it to a whole new level when Keanu Freaking Reeves shows up in the trailer. They then switch to the stage to have the man himself come out. He talked a bit about how he got involved in the project. Then gave us a second trailer with some quick gameplay, but most importantly a release date of 16.04.2019 for Cyberpunk 2077. You can even preorder the game now if your so inclined, maybe even pick up that collectors edition.

Screenshot of Keanu Reeves on the Xbox stage


After the hype bomb of Cyberpunk, we turned it right down and got to enjoy the soothing music of Spiritfarer. The game itself is a adventure game where you work on building up your ferry. This is to help guide the spirits living on it to the next life. It looks like a good game to pick up on a sunday and just enjoy. I look forward to seeing more of it and hopefully a switch version.


Somehow Battletoads are back and they have a nice coat of paint to go along with their return. I never played the original Battletoads, but I do know many friends that have found memories of it. Nostalgia can be a useful tool in bring back some classics, let’s hope the toads still got the goods.

RPG TIME: The Legend of Wright

As soon as this came on I was left wondering what SquareEnix had done to Dragon Quest. Luckily this is something new and damn if it doesn’t have my attention. I have so many questions on how the game works and what you do. At the same time you instantly get an understanding of the story and what your adventure will be like. You have my attention RPG Time, I’ll be keeping an eye out for you.

Indie Games

Like other years, XBOX turned its attention to its Indie titles. it’s always good when they turn attention to some games you’d otherwise miss. All of these games are coming to game pass. So if any of these quick snippets got you interested, then I suggest picking them up with the pass to give them a try. If you like them then make sure you pick it up. Indie developers are making some of the coolest and weirdest games these days, they deserve the love.

XBOX game pass

Talking about the game pass, XBOX had to talk about it and it is all good news. Firstly they now have a game pass just for PC and it is just AU$5 a month normally, but you can pick it up for AU$1 at the moment. Game pass Ultimate also got announced, this comes with XBOX game pass, XBOX Gold (XBOX’s monthly online subscription) and XBOX game pass PC for AU$16 a month. Right now though you can also pick it up for AU$1. That’s a lot of games you can try out and enjoy for one cheap price. XBOX seems to have found it’s groove with the pass and it’s good to see it doing so well.

Flight simulator

Microsoft is back at it with Flight Simulator and it all looks really nice. I do wonder if they are going to come out with a flight stick you can use with XBOX. Either way it is an interesting choice to bring back.

Age of empires 2 definitive edition

More Age of Empires! Yes please.

Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 is turning into a winter wonderland. If your interested in turn based strategy then this is the game for you. Though don’t go expecting an easy time of it. As you can see from the trailer below, things can get messy.

Double Fine Joining Xbox & Psychonauts 2

When Tim Schafer came out on stage with the announcement of Double Fine joining XBOX, I was flawed. Luckily the feeling of excitement settled in as I imagined all the amazing work him and his team could do with their backing. As an added bonus we got some gameplay footage of Psychonauts 2 and boy do I want some of that right about now.

Lego Star Wars the skywalker saga

LEGO is back and they are bringing all 9 movies to the world of LEGO with The Skywalker Saga. The game isn’t releasing till 2020 but that makes sense since they wouldn’t want to spoil Star Wars Rise of Skywalker. I’ve got goosebumps though, I have a found place in my heart for these games. So to get a chance to go back and play them again is something I didn’t know I wanted but I’ll take it.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Jumping from LEGO to Anime and we get a new Dragon Ball Z game. It seems to be going through the original run of DBZ and to the fight with Freeza. I just hope that the in air combat isn’t uncontrollable.

12 Minutes

12 Minutes is a thriller game with a mystery to solve at it’s time warping centre. I love the premise and I instantly get Stanley Parable feels with the repeatable gameplay. How in depth I can go with my choices, is where I really want to explore with this cool looking indie title.

Way to the Woods

Way to the Woods instils the same feelings I got when I played journey and that was only the trailer. Really that’s all I should have to say about it, cause sometimes you need to slow down and play a Deer with magic antlers.

Gears 5

Gears 5 was the big ticket for XBOX this year, with a massive focus and three different trailers and a load of announcements. We start off with a story trailer focusing on Kait. She seems to be struggling with her identity or the darkness inside her. There isn’t a lot to go off of but they seem to be setting up some interesting story points.

Rod Fergusson dropped on by to give us all the juicy info he was allowed to. Firstly the game is coming out September 10th this year, They are having a Multiplayer test in July and in August at Gamescom they will have a hands on demo of Horde Mode. He finished off with a new game mode called Escape. A 3 player experience that sees you planting a bomb and escaping from the blast before time is up. Last thing of note is a Terminator Dark Fate character pack you can unlock by either preordering or playing in the first week.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 showed off some of it’s story with a new trailer. I’m interested in the Paris setting but other then that I haven’t seen anything to truly set it apart from other games. Though if your going stir crazy to get your hands on it then you do have a wait, with a release date of 2020.

Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Expansion

Forza Horizon 4 came out on stage with fun on it’s mind and LEGO cars on its tracks. The new expansion adds a bunch of LEGO cars and tracks. It wouldn’t be a Forza announcement though without some car being showed off on stage. Luckily this time it was actually cool as they build a life size car out of LEGO. If only Forza could be this exciting every year.

Gears POP

Somehow they still haven’t launched this game but here’s a trailer to remind you it exists. Hopefully they nailed the gameplay cause I can’t think of any other reason to pick it up. This is the lowest that the conference gets with it’s game announcements and that’s praise for a conference that runs for an hour and a half.

State of Decay heartland

Don’t worry if your a State of Decay player XBOX hasn’t forgotten about you. Heartlands adds a brand new area and two different stories to follow and all new enemies to fight. This seems to represent that they are going to keep supporting the game. Which is good for all those players that have stayed loyal to it.

Phantasy Star Online 2

Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to XBOX and is bringing all of it’s raid bosses and most importantly Cross-play. This is an interesting choice to bring to the console but with Final Fantasy 14 locked down to PS4 on consoles, it makes sense for them to fill the spot with something just as popular.

Cross Fire X

I have no clue what this game is and the trailer doesn’t help tell me anything. At least it’s pretty and people seem excited that it is coming to XBOX. So maybe someone can let me know what I just watched.

Tales of Arise

New Tales game, OH YEAH! So it was leaked before hand but the trailer was beautiful and the game hasn’t looked better. I’m hoping for a gameplay demo at Gamescom or TGS (Tokyo Game Show) to see more of it in action and get a better sense for how they have changed combat. They also gave us an release year of 2020 so the wait isn’t unbearable.

Borderlands 3

Randy promised Borderlands 3 would be at E3 and he didn’t disappoint. The new trailer is all about the new vault hunters, seeing them in action and kicking all the ass. The other big drop from the trailer, was Lilith announcing she wasn’t a Siren anymore. This is massive news and we only have to wait till September 13th to create some of our own mayhem. If you want more Borderlands 3 in your life then I suggest checking out the gameplay reveal breakdown.

Borderlands 2 DLC

Borderlands 2 wasn’t gonna let the new kid have all the fun, so we got a trailer for a new DLC adventure. The DLC is free and downloadable right now.

Elden Ring

Rumours of a Gorge R.R. Martin and From Software working on a new game project are true. The first trailer is below and there is so much going on during it. I’m so happy that the rumours were not only true but that we got a trailer so soon after the launch of Sekiro is amazing.

Xbox Project Scarlett

XBOX has finally announced their new console and it is codenamed Project Scarlett. Nothing was showed off but we did get a developer video talking about all the advancements they are making. A quote that stuck with me was “it is four times more powerful then the XBOX One X.”. It’s a impact statement and marks XBOX’s commitment to giving players what they want not what XBOX thinks they need. You also don’t need wait long for the next gen of XBOX as we get a release date of Holiday 2020.

Halo Infinite

Time to finish this conference off in style and what is better then a new Halo trailer. I have no clue when this is set, a halo ring is destroyed, but it does seem to be getting into the conflict between the Master Chief and Cortana. As for whether or not this is going to be on XBOX One. Well with a release date of holiday 2020, it isn’t hard to guess this will be a launch title for Scarlett. Maybe it will still come to XBOX One but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

That’s XBOX’s E3 2019 conference, how did you feel about it all? Any announcements your excited for or didn’t see? Personally I’m happy with everything XBOX showed and am looking forward to the next generation. We are only one day in and already there are so many games to talk about and don’t get me started on September. I’ll be covering more of E3, so your in the right place to catch up on all the stuff being announced.

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