The Switch finally has a Controller with a Headphone Jack

OH glorious Nintendo, I love my Switch but there are choices you’ve made that have just left me bewildered. One of the biggest is the fact that I need to plug my headphones into the Switch in its docked mode. While not something that ruins my time playing the many titles on my Switch, it is something that makes me wonder if they really thought everything through.

The community seems to agree, as there has been many who have spoken out on this issue. It hasn’t been helped by the fact that there was no available controller at launch with a headphone jack. Along comes Nintendo licensing giving us said controller from PDP.

PDP’s new controller in camo red

The controller is comfortably shaped just like the pro controller. The 10 ft cable is also a nice edition for those that need the extra length. Though the biggest surprise is the ability to change volume with the D-pad.

As an added bonus for those that aren’t a fan of the face plate or the colours it comes in, you’ll be happy to know it is removable. The controller is compatible with PDP’s Faceoff faceplate’s, so you can interchange to suit your mood.

Nintendo’s approach to licensing off their accessories has been a welcome change compared to previous generations. I can only hope that they continue listening to their customers and keep improving the player experience.

If you would like to pick up one of these for yourself then you can do so though most retailers. Australians can pick up up for $50 at EB Games, JB HI FI or Mighty Ape.

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