Destiny 2 expansion Shadowkeep moves out of Septembers release shadow

Bungie has moved the release of Destiny 2’s new expansion Shadowkeep and New Light (The new free to play version of the game) to October. Community Manager DeeJ and Game Director Luke Smith took to twitter to announce the move of Shadowkeep to October 1st. Bungie also released a blog post explaining a little more of details on the choice.

One of Bungie’s reasons for the delay is giving the new expansion more time cooking. Though I feel their original release date of September 17th was just too close to the release of the returning loot and shooter Borderlands 3 launching September 13th. Not to mention all the other releases planned for September, the month is so packed I’m surprised anyone can breath. October on the other hand is a little lighter on big releases and a new Destiny expansion sounds like the perfect thing to kick off the month.

The announcement also came with some more details for dates. The new raid Garden of Salvation will launch on Saturday October 5th and Contest will be on. Moments of Triumph is being extended through to September 17th. Giving you a bit more time to get your Moments of Triumph shirt for this year. The week of September 17th also sees Iron Banner returning. This will be your final chance to finish off the armor quest and get yourself a swam of the raven.

Sadly with these new added dates comes no extension to the Solstice of Heroes event currently underway. I’d personally have liked to get some more time to grind out my Solstice armor. I’m sure I’ll be busy enough with all the other games piling up it won’t even matter.

This decision from Bungie will ultimately be for the good. Even if some will complain about waiting for that new content. I’m glad they have taken this course since a lot is riding on it. As Bungie’s first published work since the separation from Activision at the start of the year. It is important for Bungie to get Shadowkeep right. This will be the first stone laid in the companies new road of independent development and a lot is riding on it.

For all your Destiny news your in the right place as we move into Shadowkeep.

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