Destiny 2 – How to get Divinity Trace Rifle exotic

Bungie’s new Destiny 2 raid Garden of Salvation is live and it seems like they have snuck in a new exotic quest for the Exotic Trace rifle Divinity.. Of course it didn’t stay hidden for long as people soon found out where to start their grind for the exotic trace rifle Divinity.

Note: Since this quest is still underway, we don’t have all the information yet. we will update with the correct information when available.

Update: The final step has been uncovered but currently I do not have locations for the steps completion. I’ve updated the step with current information.

Update: The puzzles connected to the final step has been solved. I have updated the final step with information from Stefan “Datto” Jonke. Datto has completed the quest and has a video up on how to complete the whole quest chain.

Step 1: Kill Vex Minotaur on the Moon

You’ll need to kill a Minotaur named Zeteon, Redemptive Mind. He can be found in a cave (the same one where the raid begins) located in the second area you pass through in the story. Just load into Sorrow’s Harbor and head through the other pathway on the bottom that doesn’t take you to the Hellmouth. The cave is just to the left as you enter the area, go through and kill all the vex till Zeteon spawns.

Step 2: What’s This… What’s This – Analyze Vex Cores

We found this on the corpse of that Vex Minotaur on the Moon. It’s a core of some kind. Definitely Vex made… but I can’t verify exactly what, when, where… or why. We could find the information we need by tapping into a Vex construct, but there are none on the Moon…” —Ghost

The next step will require you to head to Nessus to find Vex Cores in lost sectors. Luckily this isn’t too long a step as you only need 3. I’m not sure if it is any of the lost sectors on Nessus, so I’ll just point you towards the ones I found. First you’ll want to go to the Conflux lost sector located in the Cistern. As you enter look to your right and up above will be a little room where you’ll nab your first core.

Next you’ll want to get yourself over to Artifacts Edge and head on into the Orrery Lost Sector. If you look just up to your left just before the steps leading up to the boss, you’ll see your another hidden room to explore. This will nab you your second Vex Core.

Fast travel back to Artifacts Edge and head towards the Tangle. You’ll want the Ancient Haunt which is just north-west of where you enter. Clear your way through and to your left will be a cave with you prize inside.

Step 3: Defragmentation – Repair Decryption Core

“I had to dig deep into encrypted Vex data to find anything regarding the core. I didn’t find much—only that it’s designed for decryption of something and that its origin lies with the Sol Divisive Vex. I couldn’t learn anything further. It’s broken and its data is largely corrupted. We might be able to repair it if we had access to Sol Divisive parts.” —Ghost

This one is very simple and quick if you do it right. The Sol Divisive are the moss covered Vex from the Black Garden and you’ll need to kill 120 to finish this step. I jumped into Vex Offensive and finished this in a couple of minuets.

Step 4: Core of Nightmares – Empower the Core

“The Decryption Core is mended, but remains inactive. I was able to mine it for further data, and there are segments of data in a language I’m unable to decipher. Let me see if I can define its resonant energy pattern—wait, what? That’s the same energy that pulsates from the Nightmare Essences. The energy signature is weak, but we should have the means to empower it.” —Ghost

Don’t let the text for this step confuse you as it is rather simple. All you need to do is head to the Lectern of enchantment next to Eris and empower the core. It will cost you 30 Phantasmal Fragments. Which you can earn from nightmares or luckily enough purchase them from the Lectern for Helium Filaments. Either way power up the core and gain yourself the final step for the quest.

Step 5: Key to Divinity

“I’ve fully analyzed the Decryption Core now that we’ve empowered it. There’s a ton more data in here—but again, I don’t understand most of its language. I was able to extract some key information, sporadic words here and there. ‘Garden… Defenses… Guardians…’ I haven’t made complete sense of it yet, but there’s only one Garden I know of associated with the Sol Divisive.” —Ghost

There’s no objective shown with this step, so at this point it is just speculation. With that in mind the text seems to point towards completing the Garden of Salvation raid.

Update: It has now been confirmed that the final step has you looking for secret rooms to tether beams of energy together with your raid team. To begin you’ll need to enter through the portal at the start of the raid. Then immediately turn around and jump down to the room under the ledge. This is where you will slot in the key to activate the tethers in the raid. The first of these secret rooms can be found on the sides of the circular walls before the first encounter.

Update: The particulars of the final step have been uncovered. To make this easier as some parts are more complicated then other. I’ve added Destiny content creator Stefan “Datto” Jonke video on how to complete the whole quest above. The final step which takes part in the raid starts at the 3:00 minute mark. Datto’s video takes you through all seven rooms and their tether puzzles. Be sure to give Datto a like for his work on completing the quest and be sure to subscribe as he is a fantastic source for guides and destiny content.

Let me know on twitter how you fared with the quest, did you have trouble figuring it out? Or were you ahead of the game? Either way keep an eye out for some more Shadowkeep as I’ve been enjoying Bungie’s spooky expansion.

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