Death Stranding making the Jump to PC

Earlier today Kojima Productions announced that their upcoming title Death Stranding, arriving November 8 on PS4, is coming to PC.

If you’ve been following Kojima Productions and Death Stranding. Then you might remember the Q&A done in 2015 when Kojima Productions was just starting out. It was here, that Death Stranding a then unnamed project was confirmed to be coming to PC, but only after being on PS4 first. The Q&A was later deleted, most likely so the focus could be on Kojima Productions partnership with PlayStation.

This was 4 years ago though and things can change in such a long period of time. Though as reported on back in August this year, Death Stranding was removed from the PlayStation exclusives page. Reigniting hope that we would see Hideo Kojima’s extremely bizarre vision on PC.

At this time we have nothing but the early 2020 window. Leaving much up for question on when or where we will see the PC version. Reported on by IGN, we do know that 505 Games is publishing Death Stranding on PC. 505 Games also published Control this year which was a Epic Games exclusive. Though505 has also published Bloodstained and Indivisible this year but both launched on Steam.

The embargo for Death Stranding lifts on November 1st. If your excited as I am to get your hands on the game then the wait for PC might just kill you. Luckily we are in the home stretch to that November 8th release date.

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